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Disney Floral Arrangements


Up House Trapped In Vase
24.5" Arrangement Vase with 3-D House and Translucent Balloons
Design Sold





Pixar Cars Reds Light My Flower Tire
12.5" Arrangement Of Light Up Flowers In A Rhimmed Tire With Batteries And Battery Case ( Donated )



Cinderellas Pumpkin Gleam And Diamonds
23" Arrangement of White Flower Mix and Silver Glitter Pine Leafs and Gems



Maleficent And Her Thorny Rosettes
21" Arrangement Exclusive Hand Made Jumbo Rosettes and Purple Glittered Branches




Ursulas Evil lily Pink Blooming Ball

26" Arrangement of Water Flowers Blooming Lily and Black Branches with Ball of Beads ( Design Sold )



Pixar Picture Frame Basket
3x4 Pictures in Frames with Blue Carnations Silver Glitter and Ice Crystals ( Design Sold )



Snow White Apple Explosion
13.5" High Red Base PlatePlate Arrangement White Flowers Glitter Green and Stones



Snow Storybook Frame-Huntsman
12 x 12" Mirror Beveled with Flame Accessory and Decopauge Design Enhanced with Velvet Roses



Disney Princesse's Arc of Beauty
20" Arrangement Includes Branch Weeved Arc An Array of Flowers & 7 princesses on Diamonds ( Design Sold )



Ariel & Daughter of Triton Under the Sea

40.5" Arrangement Glitter Coral Plants with Fushia, Yellow and Purple Flowers In Translucent Sea Plates ( Design Sold )



Ursula's Evil Pansy Blooming Ball
24" Arrangement of Pansy Flowers Violet Daisies and Black Branches with Ball of Beads and Sequins
Design Sold



Daughters Of Triton Bunch
17" Arrangement Fushia Flowers Vase and Greens ( Design Sold )



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