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Disney Floral Arrangements




16" Design in Glass Martini With a Dangling Arrangement of Red Roses Orange Accents Glittered Leaf and Stones
(Design Sold)
Black And White Mickey Icon Tower Vase
32" Towering Vase with Black Branch Black and Green Core And White Daisies (Design Sold)



Rapunzel's Return

24" Lavender Peony Flowers with Green Garden and Natural Rock Urn




Mickey Plate Flowerpot

34" Blue Branch Cluster with Beaded Mickey Icons White Rose Bed and Blue Gladiolas (Design Sold)



Minnie's Platter of Ice-Cream Shakes
12" Plate Half a Dozen Roses- 2 Icecream Cups 2 Strawberries 3 Candies Decorated with a Flower Presentation



Minnie's Daisy Vase & Shaggy Bow
17" Arrangement of Fushia Daisies and Sequins Branches with Positionable Chenille Stem Flowers



Minnie Topiary tree Rose

24" Arrangement of baby Pink Roses in a Topiary Tree of Bright Greens (Design Sold)



Minnie Floating Flower Foam

16" Arrangement Featuring a Minnie Bottle, Foam Flowers amd Red Beaded Icon Balls (Design Sold)



Mulan & Shang Umbrella Paradise
26 1/2 " Arrangement of Pink Flowers, Roses, Apple-Blossoms Jumbo Umbrella and Japanese Dragon Satin



NBX News Paper Gift Tree

30" Tree Branch Decorasted with Hand Crafted Newspaper Gifts and Beaded Pumpkins (Design Sold)



Finding Nemo's Dori's Escape
30" Glass Flute with Glossy Flowers and Glitter Coral Reef Donated



Peter Pan Big Ben Floral
14" Summer Flowers On a Moss Bed- Lights Up with Fiber Optic Light and Plays "We Can Fly"



Lion King Scar "What's beyond that horizon."
30"Plate-Stand with Hot Orange Gladiolas with Warm Picks of Yellow Flower and Bamboo



Pinocchio Story Book Frame Lampy
9.5"Wooden Platform of Red Rose Buds with White Baby Blossoms of Wild Weeds



Disney Princess Jumbo Blossom

24"Arrangement of Gems and Nylon Flowers With Glittered Coral Core. (Design Sold)



Rapunzels Pillar Tower

41"Pillar with Daisy Floral Ball, Golden Daffodil and Spiraled Golden Braid of Flowers (Design Sold)



Simbas toy box Savannah

9"Decorated Applause Figure Box with Summer Flowers on 4x6 Frame with Bamboo, Moss and Retro Patterns
(Design Sold)



Up-House-Vase- Balloons In Sky

21" Glass Vase With Mini Balloons 3-d Photo House and Arrangement of Paradise Falls Flowers
(Design Sold)



Up Story Book frame "So long Boys"

5x7" Frame Arrangement Decoupage Characters and Summer Flowers with Foam Balloon Cluster
(Design Sold)



Sarabi's Simba Flower Frame Decoupage

5x7" Frame Arrangement Decoupage Characters and Summer Flowers with Brown Moss And Platform



Wall-E Story-Book Frame Hello Dolly
5x7" Frame Arrangement Decoupage Characters with Waste Blocks And A New Life Floral (Design Sold)


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