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Disney Miniature Floral & Decor

Grand Opening

Multi-Media Arrangements


wreck-It- Ralph Vanellope Sugar Rush Box
5" Box and Decopauge Art and Floral with Cotton-Candy-Clouds



Alice Cheshire Cat Mini-Decor Frame

7" Arrangement on Circle Base and Framed With a 3-D Pop Design and Flowers includes a Japan Cheshire figure( Design Sold )

Goofy Baby Bouquet
11" Bouquet with Goofy Coloring Decoupage and Floral with Miniature Baby Goofy



Bambi Pine Cone Stumps
8 x 5.5" Arrangement Built with Real Tree parts and Moss with Floral includes a Japan Bambi figure DESIGN SOLD



Flying Beast & Belle Mini Cloche

8 x 5.5" Fine China Plate with Baby Red Roses A Spray of Lavender and Fabric Flooring



Pixar Brave Bottle Flare of A Spell

8 x 5.5" Glass Juice bottle With Hand Made Foam Wisp Flowers and Paper Dolls



Pixar Brave Feathers of A Spell
6.5" Feather Wreath with Wisp Beaded Flowers and Paper Dolls



Pixar's McQueen Broken Dreams Plant

10" Broken Radiator Springs Pot with Mosses Rocks Gravel with Succulent Plants and Cactus (Design Sold)



Chip & Dale wood Chips in a Bottle
15" Bottle sealed with Real Wood Chips Sunflowers with a Spark of Beaded Picks ( Design Sold )



Minnie Mouse Martini Umbrella Party
14" Island Features Plastic Martini Glass Foam Flowers Cocktail Umbrellas and More



Daisy Duck Surf Beach Martini
14" Island Features Plastic Martini Glass Surf Art and Fabric Water, Decor Sand and Hibiscus



tiny Donald Duck Vintage Comic Cap

6" Comic Book Presentation of Yellow Sunflowers and Blue Lilly



Hidden Hookah Caterpillar Mushroom Scene
13.25" Bright Floral Scenery with Multiple Mosses, Foliage and a Stoned Moasaic Mushroom ( Design Sold )



Home On the Range Comic Strip Basket

8" Long Handled Basket with Scrapping Paper Crafts Gross Grain Ribbon and Miniature Flowers



Lion King's Scar and The Hyena Flower

12" Arrangement On A Painted Tree Base , Pick Collector Card, Flocked Figure With 2 Metallic Button Flowers



WDCC "Is someone there"? 3-D Post Card Frame

5x7" Post Card Decorated with a Wooden Frame Decor and Paper Floral and Diamond Studs



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