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Disney Miniature Floral & Decor

Grand Opening

Multi-Media Arrangements
Goofy Wooden Toy Box
5"Wooden Box with Printed Art and White Daisy Floral Includes a Mini Plush Goofy (Design Sold)
Ratatouille Mini Mop Bucket Planter
7"Hand Crafted Kitchenware with a Bush of Miniature Beaded Blue Flowers



Ratatouille- Ego Is Having Wine and Cheese
16" Water Proof Photo Cut Outs In A Disney California Wine Cup and Glass Rocks



Disney Store Mickey Bag Collector Mini Vase

10.5" Arrangement of Plastic Bag Picture Clip-Outs and Red Roses with White Wild Flower

Design Sold



Pixar's McQueen Piston Cup Clay Pot

10" Stone Clay Pot with Mosses Rocks Gravel with Succulent Plants and Cactus DESIGN SOLD



101 Dalmatians Vintage Urn

12" Arrangement Of Hand Crafted Paper Flowers and Art includes a Japan Dalmation figure



Snow White Reflection Rose
" 12 Rose Casted Resin Mirror with Snow White and Dopey Embellished with Roses ( Design Sold )
Wdcc The Hunts Man Wall Decoration
" 5x7 Layered Post Card with Dimensional Art In a Wood Deco Frame and Feather Floral



Mickey & Minnie Topiary tree loops

15" Arrangement Tin Canister with Fabric Blossoms And Hand Crafted Mickey Branches of Greens



Wall-E @BnL Glass Votive "Please Recycle"

12" Stainless Steel Plate with Glass Votive a Color Changing Light Rubber Icons and Recyclable Goodies (Design Sold)



Mickey Surfboard Beach Martini

14" Island of Sequins and fabric water with real Sand Growing of Summer flowers with Art Surfboard



A Disney Comic Mini Clothes Pin Wreath
8.75" Wreath Glittered white Daisy Painted pins and Vintage Black Tone Bow Currently Unavailable.



Pixar Mini Branch Party
13.5" Arrangement Small Glass with Yellow Blue Mini Roses Metallic Daisies Grass and Silver Branches



The Jungle Book Mogli In Kah's Basket Plant
8.5" Dimensional Display Of Succulents and Paper Crafts ( Design Sold )



Darla's Picture Scare Water Spill
12" Clear Acrylic with Water Spill Effect , a Figure and a Bed of Gloss Lily's with Orange Tulips and Iris's



Peter Pan Flying Over Neverland Mug

13" Neverland Island on Water with Mug Wrap Paper Art Paper Scraps and Decoupauge ( Store Favorites )

(Currently Unavailable)

WDCC "Accompaniment to Betrayal" Deco Frame
5x7" Post Card Decorated with Pattern Pearlized Paper and Mini Paper Scrolls with Wdcc Logo ( Store Favorites )



Hang In there Ellie Plate Hanger
12" Recycled Plate with Digitally Mastered Image with Floral And Glittered Butterfly



Ursula Miniature Ball Vase Shell

10" Etched Glass Ball, Shell Glass Tray Tull Bright Purple and Pink Floral, Ribbon and Rhinestones (Store Favorites)



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