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This skillfully crafted, hand-painted sculpture originates from an unpainted animation maquette in the company's collection.

Production molds for this piece are made from a digital three-dimensional scan.

Figurine Elsa

11.61 in H

Numbered Limited Edition 5,000 Matching (Hand-Numbered) Certificate of Verification Storycard

The original maquette was unpainted, the paint master for this edition was supervised by

Frozen art director, Michael Giaimo

Figurine Anna 10.24 in H
Numbered Limited Edition 5,000

Matching (Hand-Numbered) Certificate of Verification Storycard

For this edition, the paint master and an added sculpted cape were supervised

by Frozen art director, Michael Giaimo.





Fire Side Wdcc Set reserved for omra1080 (Sold)


Aurora Dancing Musical Treasure Box
Delux Style $69.99

Currently Unavailable

Snow White Dancing Musical Treasure Box
Delux Style $69.99


Peter Pan Tink Dancing Musical Treasure Box
Delux Style $75.95

Sold Out



Tweedle Dee and Dum LE 250 23" Big Fig Statue $239.95

Sold out


Alice In Wonderland - Who Are You?
With Cheshire Cat Light-Up Eyes* Light Up Mushrooms
Plays Music- Measures 10" x 11" $89.99



12" Bambi Statues SetIncludes All 4
Characters Bambi, Flower, Friend Owl & Thumper.Very Detailed and Painted in a
Granite Rock Texture
Valued at 140.00 Per Set yours for only $120.00 Sold Out



Buzz Lightyear Big Fig Statue With Lights
Base And Wings Light-Up. MIB Glossy Ceramic Resin



Limited Edition 500
Jessica Rabbit Globe With LE-Pin11.5"High
With Light and Snow Blower. Retailed for
99.99 on Special $90.50
Sold Out



WDCC 1998 Steamboat Willie Gold Plated Ornamnet
75th Anniversary of The Walt Disney Company
"75 years of Love and Laughter" Printed on back $35.99 (Donated)
WDCC Titles Previously Displayed
(Mint Condition) Includes Authenticity & Box
Alice In Wonderland $25.99
Sold Out


Cinderella $29.99

Sold Out




Sleeping Beauty $25.99

Sold Out


Snow White $27.50

Sold Out


WDCC 5 Pc Pin Set (Mint New) $42.75
Includes Donald & Daisy, Cinderellas Dress,
Tinkerbell On Block Big Bad Wolf and Bambi.

Sold Out

Cinderellas Delux Snowglobe $99.99
Features Faux Feathers * Working Water Fountain
* Light-Up Stars Glittered Trees &
Plays " A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"




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Fantasia Complete 7 Piece of 14" Sculptured Statue Set.
Includes The Following Characters:Dew Drop Fairy*Chernabog
*Brooms Buckets*Mickey Sorcerer*Dancing Mushrooms

*Hyacinth Hiipo*Ben Ali Gator. $650.00

No Longer Available



12" Fantasia Characters
Snowglobe with Auto Blower.
Tune "The Sourcerer's Apprentice"
Sold Out 



Features Many NBX Characters as shown above.
Plays" This is Halloween" Symphony as 2 Rotating Mechanisms Spin Jack by the Fountain
while Rotating Lock Shock and Barrel along with Dr.Finklestein around the base.
Lights-Up Green Slime, Fountain and Dome.(NIB)$78.50

Sold out



Legendary Villains Plate Ursula
"Shall we talk about me In-Depth?"$39.95
Sold Out



8" Belle 3-D Belle Leading Lady
Plate with Certicicate of Authenticity.
Mini Belle Sculpture Attached $42.99 Donated



All Figures are Authenticated with a 14k Gold Plated Pewter Charm.
You will see Pooh with a Gold Bee and an Acorn on all his Friends.

This set includes Tigger , Pooh, And Roo $45.00 Sold


This set includes Tigger , Pooh, And Piglet $45.00


This set includes Birthday Pooh, Tigger , Birthday Eeyore $45.00 Sold




This set includes Easter Rabbit $21.00


This set includes Pooh & Pouncing Tigger $23.75
Sold Out


This set includes Christmas Pooh $27.00


This set includes Valentines Pooh and Piglet $27.00


This set includes 3 Assorted Pooh's $45.00 Sold



19.5" Tinkerbell Glimmering Glitter Statue $120.00
Currently Not Available