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Most Items In Our Thrift Are Used

Monsters Inc And Beauty and the Beast View Master Reels 3D
6 Reels Used No Damage In Perfect Condition $12.00



A Bugs Life View masters Great Condition Only $9.75


Lady And the Tram used View masters Great Condition Only $$8.50





Classic Goofy 8pc Vintaged PVC Set ( Mint Condition ) And 16" Inflatable Punch Bag
Add it to your Collection for $18.75

Sold Out



Vintage Battery Operated Crwaling Baby Goofy ( Batteriies Not Included) $10.50

Sold out



Box Full of Goofy Stuff
Plush Toys all Shapes and Sizes-Remote Goofy Car And Control-Posable Figurine, Toys
Interactive Puppet-Learning Goofy Large-Vintage Sports Bottle Decor Figure And More
23 Goofy Items A 160.00 Dollar Value For $69.50




Baby Minnie Mouse Light-Up Doll Used Condition But Good Condition

Sweeze and Watch Her Head Glow $10.00





Minnie Bride Needs Groom $12.75





Monsters Inc. Figure Gift Pack #1 Un Used $ 15.25 Sold Out



15 Inch Interactive Hopper And Flick Action Figure Set $28.00




Dinosaur Bruton Posable

Vinny Santorini Mobile

Heimlich Wind-up

Dinosaur Lemurs

Aladdin Genie
Nemo Gil

Gold Flounder

Hercules Zues
Cptn Hook Scope

Jesse Figure

Kuzko Action Launcher

Mcqueen Mobile

Lion King Ed

Nemo Marlin

Sword In The Stone Merlin

Mr. Potatoe Head TStory
Mrs. Piggie

Mufasa Viewer

Chien Po Ling & Yao Mobile

Pocahontas Kekata


Rafiki 1



Benny And Roger


Bashful Mobile

Jane Swing

Tarzan Terk Rattle


Atlantis Audrey Mobile

Lion King Zazu

A Bug's life Dim Winding



Large Little Mermaid Kids Hopper Ball
Measures over 20" once inflated $8.75
Unused Fare PKG



Rare Aladding Genie Plush with Molded Heands And Head
Great For Any Vintage Disney Collection. (SOLD)


Kellogg's Disney Bobble Head Set
Mint Condition $8.00 Sold


Beauty and The Beast
Belle & Lumiere

Fav 5
Daisy & Donald Duck

Genie & Iago

Jane & Kala & Baby Tarzan



Lion King
Timon & Pumba
Monsters Inc.
Yeti & George Sanderson

Peter Pan
Smee & Lostboy Bear

Jungle book
Mogli & Baloo



12 " Plush Pluto Plush Toy $6.00

Sulley Figure

7" Vinyl Pluto

5" Tinkerbell Light

Vintage 7" Dopey Sold

6" Inch Baby Minnie Sold



Rare Original Troll Kids Set A
Set of 4 Trolls $12.00



Rare Original Troll Kids Set B
Set of 10 Trolls $8.75



Rare Original Troll Kids Set C
Set of 2 Trolls $15.75




Muppets figure set

The Muppets Large figure lot In cludes 6stands and 6 5" figures

One Large Sweetums Action Figure All Mint Condition $37.50

Currently Unavailable




Star Wars Toys

Old Star Wars Action Figures Toys Lot #A (Sold) $28.00 Sold
Old Star Wars Action Figures Toys Lot #B $28.00 Sold
Old Star Wars Action Figures Toys Lot #C $25.00Sold 

Old Star Wars Action Figures Toys Lot #D $28.00 Sold 

Star wars Old Toys
Old Star Wars Jumbo Action Figures Toys Lot #E $28.00 Sold 

Old Star Wars Action Figures Toys Lot #F $28. Sold 

Old Star Wars Action Figures Toys Lot #G $34.99




14 Inch The Simpsons Pancake Pillows with Sqweaker
Features All Characters Front and Back Profile $16.99



Disney Treasure Planet Toy Set $8.00 Sold

5pc Winnie the Pooh Zipper Pull Clips $4.00




Pocahontas Finger Puppet Set 8.75




32 Inch Mickey Soldier $ 24.00



DC Comics Action Figures $10.00



Disney Collector Books And Music Box $ 8.50


Peter-Pan Figures $8.50



Disney Pixar A Bug's Life 8"-10" Beanie Set $ 21.50


Tomy Capsule Toy Jumba Single $3.50




The Simpsons Rare Bobble Complete Set Mint! Free Shipping $24.00



The Simpsons 5pc Capsule Figures Discontinued. Mint!
$18.50 Free Shipping


8.5 Inch Blue M & M Bendy plush doll $ 8.00



Homies Miniature Toy Assortment $5.00



Sesame Street Coockie Monster Jumbo Wall Stickers Lot
Includes Giant Coockie Character and 19 Large Coocking Sticks
Sold out



Seasame Street Jumbo Wall Sticker Set Over 50 Various Stickers
Large Characters And Large Attachable Train $16.50
Not Available

Sesame Street 7pc Wall Hangs and 4pc Figure Blisters $18.75


Sesame Street 4pc Wood Wall Hangs 8x10 $15.25



Space Jams Mobile Figure Set
Great Condition $7.00



Disney Hunchback of NorteDame- 6PC Figures $8.75

Betty Boop 5" Tin Purse Only $5.75




Mulan's Little Brother Rare 6.5" Beanie Baby $10.00



Disneyland Nightmare Before Christmas
Bendable Jack & Hat $ 19.00


Disney/Pixar Talking Mike with Movable Eyeball $ 8.50



A Bug's Life Set 5pc Figure Set With Dim $10.25


A Bug's Life Set 5pc Figure Set with Hopper $10.25




McDonald's Finding Nemo Bruce


Scooby-Doo Figure 16pc. Assortment $16.25



Scooby Doo Lot # 2 Includes: 1Mini Scateboard 2Vinyl Balls
1Frisbee 6Plush Dolls 1Pencil Cup 1Giant Beach Towel
& A 5pc Mini Xmas Ornaments Set $24.95




Hunchback of Norte Dame Complete Box Set
Includes 6 pcs for Only $8.50



Hunch Back Figures Assorted 8pc Set $12.50

Item Sold

Hunchback of NorteDame 10"Hand Puppets Set $10.75



The Jungle Book 3pc Figures And Baloo Beanie $5.75



Disney Store 14" Mint Stitch $11.25



9 Pc Disney Enterprises, Inc.
3" Book Collection $9.50
No longer Available




Pluto Figurines 4pc Set $5.50



8" Pooh Figure Cup $6.00


9.5" Pooh Figure $6.75

Winnie The Pooh 11" Plush Set Includes
Tigger, Pooh, Kanga & Roo $ 9.50

100 Years Of Magic 13 Assorted Pieces $18.50



Disneyland Tokyo Rare
12" Mickey Mouse In Laying Pose $16.00



3pc Kelloggs Disney Gummy Bears Set $4.90




2" Nickelodeon Figure Set, Hey Arnold, Cat Dog
The Wild Thorneberries and Angry Beaver. $7.00




2" Sponge Bob Mini Figure Set $7.00
Currently Not Available



2" Chukey of The RugRats $2.50






The Rugrats 11pc Set $11.00


Bargain Brats Dolls And Accessories Set $12.75




Vintage Pez Dispenser Assortment $8.00



Old Used Die Cast Cars Assorted. Conditions Vary $42.75



Micro Machines Very Good Condition Ages 6+ Small Parts $ 24.00





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